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Post by Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:24 am

This is for Airtel normal configuration.

People always forget this at times and there are few others who dont even know how to make their new phone browse the internet.

here am going to simplify it for you because our aim here in this forum is to develop people in anyway to make sure knowlegde is gained.


  1. Using android as a case study, goto settings.
  2. Then select others, also select mobile network.
  3. After that, select access point names. then
  4. change as follows
  5. name: Airtel
  6. accesspoint(APN):
  7. proxy: Leave it empty
  8. port: leave it empty
  9. homepage: you can put your grandfather's name because itz not
  10. save.
  11. switch on your data. thats all.

Airtel bb subcription codes.

Ok now this is for the airtel normal blackberry subscription code.
Android users should no that this plan is not very safe for them because it has been discoverd that the consumption rate of MB in Airtel BB plan is too much. but people still use it though.

ONE DAY PLAN: Send bbud to 440 (as a sms) it cost #100 
ONE MONTH PLAN(2GIG): Dial *440*16#  it cost #1500
ONE MONTH PLAN(1GIG): Send BSM to 440 (as a sms) it cost  #1200

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